Rebecca & Tim

Rebecca and Tim were married on one of those typically Scottish summer days. It started with gorgeous sunshine, a small interlude of torrential rain (which resulted in a flood on the dance floor!) and then back to clear skies again.

Every moment and every detail was personal and beautiful.

And they were up for doing something really unconventional by having a “first look” and taking the bridal portraits BEFORE the ceremony. If you think that sounds strange here’s what they said about it:

We asked Rachel about the possibility of doing our bridal portraits the morning of the wedding, prior to the ceremony, so we could spend more of the afternoon with our guests.

We were a little concerned about missing out on the special ‘first look’ moment of walking down the aisle and seeing each other, but Rachel suggested we could replicate that moment (on camera!) before starting the portraits, so we decided to go with it.

In reality our own ‘reveal’ was perhaps even better, as we could relax and admire each other afterwards, rather than going straight in to the formality of the ceremony.
— Becca & Tim

I really love doing it this way around. The first time you see each other is still really special (how could it not be!?) and the portraits are full of that excitement and anticipation. Plus you’re more relaxed because we’re not taking you away from guests to fit in photos between ceremony and dinner.

Would you do it this way around? Or do you think it’s a terrible idea?

On to the bit we actually care about: eye-candy from The Barn at Harburn with gorgeous details like the hand-made bouquets thanks to the mother of the groom and other special extras. Take a look.

If I was to sum up this day it would definitely include the words:


and, of course,

lots and lots of