Sunflowers, Stretch-marks and Silliness

As all wikipedia articles SHOULD start this blog post will start with the words "I reckon". 

I reckon I'm getting pretty confident in my middle age. I quite like my fat encased body. I am beginning to own my sexuality (that's one of those words that makes you cringe a bit eh, sorry) and usually this increased acceptance of myself is attributed to age and life experience. 

And then this young whipper snapper totally owns her body in a stupid, honest, hilarious, strikingly beautiful way for her maternity photographs. 

*consider this your nipple warning*

Oh, you didn't think that was as silly as we got did you? When I promise silliness, I deliver silliness. 

Where do you think body confidence comes from? If you've been pregnant were you more, or less, confident while pregnant? Where are you on the scale of body acceptance?