Newborn photography, behind the scenes and safety first

First newborn of 2017 came to ShootSweet yesterday! And what a noisy wee squeaky grunter he was! 

As I explained one of the shots, mum was surprised that it was done like I was describing. And she's not alone. Without exception ALL parents say "oh, I didn't know THAT'S how you do that!"

A newborn baby can't hold up their own head yet so how come so many photographs of new baby's have them with their fists under their chins, are they balancing? can they actually manage? 

That's a resounding NO! 

Keeping your baby safe is number one priority AT ALL TIMES. Even if your baby looked like they might mange to balance I still wouldn't try it. And if you visit a newborn photographer who practices these poses without using composite techniques like the one below please consider referring them to BANPAS who are experts at teaching newborn handling safety. 


Isn't he adorable! 

When booking your newborn photographer please ask if they have been trained in safe handling practices. A concern for all photographers is that someone new to the job and self-teaching (nothing wrong with teaching yourself!) will see one of these images complete and not know that actually in real life it didn't start out like that and try to replicate it with possibly hazardous results. 

Did you know this is how it was done?