Too Fat to Photograph

There is only one reaction when I say "I am fat". It's shock and horror and "oh no you're not!"

It's lovely that people are being kind, maybe they think I'm asking for reassurance but if I ever do say that it's a statement of fact. 

Are you feeling shock and horror and wanting to tell me oh no I'm not?!

It's cool. The scales/measuring tape/size 22 clothes/ bmi scale don't lie. Facts folk.

What is NOT  a fact is that I am TOO FAT to be photographed with my family. 

Please, if you are putting off taking family portraits because of your weight, or any other self conscious reason, please, don't put it off any more. 


Your children want to have photographs of you to smile about and show their children when they are all grown up. 

Be present

You are worthy of being in a beautiful family picture. You are living this life so cherish it and be proud of it. 

Enjoy this little reel and a photograph of me with each of my children, my hubby and my whole family. Taken by Rachel Spence Photography. (I love having a photographer friend to swop family sessions with!) 

p.s. please don't send me messages telling me I'm gorgeous. I wasn't fishing and I know I am ;)