Hopefully I don't sound like a COMPLETE cow. I'll settle for half cow half keepin-it-real-yet-funny-girl-you'd-like-to-eat-cake-with. 

I'm going to talk about money

internal groan

People I know, people I love, have very recently made comments which make me feel like I've been punched in the stomach. And I've no right to feel insulted if they are innocent comments. Hence blogpost addressing said comments. 

Comments such as

Wow! £1,000 is great for a day work.
I’m in the wrong job - £50 for pressing a button!

Give me a minute while I rearrange my intestines so they feel normal again....

To give you an idea, here's what you pay for when you spend money on a photo shoot with ShootSweet Photography (that's me!)

1 - 2 hour preparation: talking to you about what you would like, visiting the location to scout spots, co-ordinating backdrops, drawing out session plans with you and your family in mind.

1 - 2 hours shooting: I don't book anything straight after you so if everyone is happy, we're really in the groove or the kids are just being plain adorable we'll go over time a little.

10 minutes editing per image. So if I give you a gallery of 30 images I've spent 5 hours editing them 

1 - 2 hours admin time, uploading, exporting, ordering, posting and all those fun things

So if you want to break that down to an hourly rate, if I work fast and things go smoothly I'll get £6.25 / hour (not that enviable really, but it's okay, I like my job)


Then there are my business costs, the £2K camera, the lenses which cost hundreds, my editing software, the training days I go on to increase my skill level, backdrops, flash lamps, bulbs, computer etc etc et flipping cetera.

And a final consideration...

I run my own business. That's huge. It takes hours and hours to do things like source amazing products, build and update a website, be aware of current trends, keep learning and practising, reply to enquiries and just make myself and my business as great as I can. 

I don't grudge it. I love it. I'm investing every part of myself and all of my headspace to do this. 

And hey, maybe you're paying me £50 to take your pictures because I'm good at what I do. Maybe, just maybe, it's worth it because I make you feel relaxed and happy, I manage to capture you at your very best and you have that to proudly display in your home. Maybe your children smile with pride when they see themselves on the living room wall. Maybe your crappy day is brightened when you look at a picture and remember it's worth it and you love your family. 

I love my job. I love doing that for you. I don't want to be rich. But a little part of me in the pit of my stomach wants you to know you're not paying me £50 just to press a button and I definitely do not make £1,000 for a days work. 

and because we like a pretty picture this is my biggest girl who turned 8 this week!