Dukes in London {part two}

You just couldn't get enough of those cute little Dukes huh? Well lucky for you there's a second part to share today! 

Kristen and her oldest boy. He's at that amazing age where he's handsome and cute at the same time (and I hope he doesn't read this!) 

And her all kinds of adorable younger son. Seriously. I wanted to smoosh him but he's much too grown up and y'know I'm a stranger...

Kristen's oldest girl who was just sweetness. Does life get better than a crinkled, freckled nose?

And the baby of the family who was just the right mixture of sassy and sweet

Finally bonus of the day is the Dukes on the underground! I totally love riding on the underground and poo poo to the rule that no-one talks to each other - I met a lovely Australian lady who made her own necklace :) 

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