Duke Family in London 16th July {part 1}

This will be a little personal, please excuse me. 

A few years ago when starting out my photography journey I happened upon  Kristen Duke and immediately fell in love with the colour and the fun. I'm not really a blog follower but I would keep coming back to see what Kristen was up to. 

Fast forward a few years and Kristen writes that she is going to be in London and is anyone available to do a family photo session in the capital. I (completely in jest) say me! haha. 

Fast forward a small heart attack and some serious flapping and I'm hired. 


I have never left my children and hubby like this before, I've never been on the underground in London by myself before, I've never met a person who quite honestly is a bit of an idol. 

Okay, enough about me, you came to see this adorable family right!? 


eating croissants by Big Ben

London Eye and a wee family jog!

I wish there were red walls like this where I live

all six Dukes in a telephone box - fun!

Could they be any cuter? Also seriously crushing on that floor (odd things a photographer says)

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you can tell how much fun we had. We walked a lot and it was pretty hot that day but the kids were great sports. 

These are my immediate favourite family pictures but come back Thursday for some truly adorable ones of Kristin and each of her sweet kids.