The First Look

There wasn't a dry eye in the house. 


As we planned together the details of their wedding day, Becca and Nicole told me they were having two aisles! (A first for me!) And they would be walking down at the same time. 

As I imagined how that would be I pictured them walking into the room and just wanting to look at each other - I know I wouldn't be able to keep my eyes forward if the love of my life was walking beside me just a few feet away. So I had an idea that was a little bit unconventional but I figured I could risk asking them about it since their cake was to be half white draped fondant and half batman :P

Let's have a "First Look".

Once all the guests were seated and ready, we went somewhere quiet with Nicole first while the wedding co-ordinator went for Becca. (Let the guests wait!) The excitement and nerves were palpable as Nicole stood, waiting for her bride. She waited, without peeking, as Becca came and stood just around the corner, then as they took hands the whole room just became electric. 

As they saw each other for the first time as brides, cried and hugged and cried and kissed and cried some more their bridesmaids and close family all cried along too. And maybe, just maybe, a certain photographer shed a tear or two behind her camera.