Mr & Mrs Murphy

Yesterday I was privileged to photograph the wedding of Wilma and Neil, now Mr & Mrs Murphy :) 

I was ridiculously excited about this day for a few reasons - I'd met them both before and it has been my experience that whatever the bride and groom are like, the whole wedding party seems to be the same and this was no exception. Talk about funny, cheeky, warm and loving people. 

One of the other reasons I was excited was because my little sister was coming along to be my second. Part of her job is photography and she's getting some great training just now, although her subjects are double glazed rather than living breathing things! So it was a win, win. She was getting some experience and I had a backup and someone to chat to on the way there and back! 

I hope you enjoy this mini gallery below. Look out for the world's best wedding cake and try to guess which football team Neil supports ;)