Joy & Dougie

This Saturday, the 21st, was an amazing day. I may use too many gushy words but it still won't describe just how perfect this wedding was.

The gorgeous venue of The Abbot House Dunfermline was a great backdrop and the sun was shining with just a little cloud cover - perfect for me because it meant lots of light without too harsh a glare or squinting eyes! 

The colour theme was every colour - my personal favourite :) 

And most importantly, everyone was fun, friendly and random. A great combination to me.

I kid you not, Joy and Dougie vowed to love one another until death or zombies do them part!! And that wasn't the only time in the ceremony zombies were mentioned. They also vowed to laugh at terrible jokes and not show cat favouritism amongst other truly funny and truly heartfelt vows. 

Thank you Joy and Dougie and "the rabble". I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them xx