On bathtime, watching a baby sleep and feeding that baby lemons!

I had forgotten how busy life gets when you have a baby. I've never had two children and a baby before either. And I had forgotten how you can waste hours of time that should be spent cleaning, working and generally being productive just watching a little face while baby sleeps. 

I had forgotten how exciting every day is when the world is full of wonder and everything is new. It reminds me to marvel at the world. Yesterday we stopped to watch the leaves blowing in the wind and listen to the music they made. I had forgotten how much fun all the new experiences could be too, like a babies first taste of lemon! 

I had forgotten how much of you you need to give, and how much of you you have to give. Every task is a big deal, mealtimes, playtime, bedtime, bathtime. 

I had forgotten. But now I remember. And I have the added knowledge of understanding a little bit more how precious these times are. In the blink of an eye my chubby little baby will be a delightful little girl like this one. Who amuses and annoys me daily!